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Pastor Harold Brooks

Welcome to the web site home of Daughter of Zion Seventh-day Adventist Church, a church God has blessed to have a congregation of gifted, multi-talented, dynamic and unique people. We extend a warm welcome to those who would come to visit and worship with us. We believe should God direct you here that He will bless your time and fellowship with the believers at Daughter of Zion. We welcome our visitors and invite them to join the Daughter of Zion Church Family in worship and prayer. If you are seeking a church home in the area, please make us aware of that need and we will welcome you to our fellowship.

The times in which we live are troublesome and call for consistent and
perservering prayer One of my mottos is; "Pray until something happens". In light of the Spiritual warfare going on in this world today, we need constantly pray until God brings us all home.

My prayer is that God will prepare us, keep us close to Him, and one day present us faultless before his presence.

                       "Pray Until Something Happens!"
  Pastor Brooks and his Wife First Lady Darlene Brooks
Assistant Pastor William Albury II Assistant Pastor William Albury II